Clinically Informed Academics™

Clinically Informed Academics™, ​a new service ​developed​ and offered​ by Jeffrey Kassinove, Ph.D. and Evan Flamenbaum, M.S.W., D.S.W.​ at all Academics West locations, ​incorporates​ an evidence​ ​based approach ​​that considers the whole student to formulate effective individualized learning strategies. The method is designed to help students improve academically beyond what traditional methods can achieve. It combines clinical knowledge with academic interventions in order to improve the overall functioning of students at home and in school. ​Our ​Clinically Informed Academics™ ​platform prepares student​s​ to compensate for their learning differences and/or social emotional stress.

Our academic coaches (as we like to call them) under the guidance of an educational psychologist collaborate with students and their families in an effort to develop better academic skills such as reading comprehension, memory storage, note-taking, test preparation, writing and materials organization. Life skills such as goal setting, time management, building motivation, increasing attention and reducing stress and anxiety typically coincide with these academic skills. All academic interventions are based on validated best practices that use research supported techniques.

Our goal has to been to apply this unique model to a wide range of settings and contexts. For many years we have layered this strategy to tutoring, ​in our Clinically Informed Tutoring®​ services. Unlike specific subject tutoring or homework help, Clinically Informed Tutoring®, focuses on the process of learning whereas tutoring focuses on the re-teaching of academic content to fill discrete knowledge gaps. Students are empowered by increasing their understanding of how their unique learning styles and preferences can be effectively applied to their schoolwork and interpersonal relationships. Learning how to learn is at the core of metacognitive training.

The principles encompassed in our ​Clinically Informed Academics™ and Clinically Informed Tutoring® ​offerings ​are put into practice through the application of our unique manual of compensatory learning strategies. These strategies are taught to our students so they can become better independent learners.


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