High-Support College Preparatory School

Academic Curriculum

Academic Model

(NYS Common Core)

Our team of special educators select and develop curricula to ensure each student is delivered an education that adheres to the common core standards of New York State. Academics West is also committed to ongoing academic assessment to track the quality of our educational program as well as student progress.

Academic Assessments

We Utilize:

  • Math Placement Assessment
  • Literacy Placement Assessment
  • Fountas & Pinell Reading Assessments
  • Writing Samples
  • Interim Assessments
  • Informal/Formal Assessments

Academic Approach:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Discussion Driven Instruction
  • Cross Curricular Activities
  • Multi Modal Lesson Plans
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Literacy Support & Interventions

Each student’s program is designed to fit their unique learning and

social-emotional needs.