Wrap-A-Round Care

Collaborative. Educational. Therapeutic.

A student’s life is comprised of their social-emotional world and their academic world at school. There are times when students need both therapeutic support and educational support to improve their overall functioning.

Using our Wrap-a-Round approach, we create a multi-pronged therapeutic plan to help your child or teen succeed in the home environment while treating the psychological and educational problems in tandem. Our team at Academics West works collaboratively with outside mental health providers, such as Therapy West, to create a support plan that addresses social-emotional needs in addition to academic functioning.

Compensatory Services

We offer an array of services for students and their families:

  • Tutoring (Clinically Informed Specialized Tutoring

  • Academic Remediation

  • Art Therapy (TW)

  • Counseling (TW)

  • Parent Training (TW)

  • In Vivo Treatment (TW)

  • Social Work Services (TW)

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech L

Many of our clients have found that being able to see their therapist and academic coach in the same setting provides an invaluable “one-stop-shopping” opportunity.

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